What's the first step to making homelessness history?

Get Aware

The risks of homelessness go far beyond what you see on the streets and hear on the news. Everyone that doesn’t have a plan or place to go could be at risk of homelessness, so we’re working hard to keep everyone aware of the warning signs and informed on what to do and where to go when things get tough.

    What do we do?

  • Support those at risk of homelessness in the community
  • Raise awareness of the realities of homelessness
  • Educating the community on what they can do to prevent and minimise the risk of homelessness

Case Study

What was the challenge?

Often when working with those at risk of homelessness, we find ourselves having to confront stigmas and myths around the area that we work. Raising awareness is a key part of the work that we do, so when Concrete was invited to deliver Early Prevention and Awareness Raising sessions, funded by the National Citizen Service programme, we were more than happy to take part.

Case Study

How did Concrete help?

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of our staff, Concrete developed the programme and delivered it to 15-17 year olds from across the West Midlands. Feedback from our sessions has been great, with several groups setting up fundraising activities to make a difference to those experiencing homelessness.

Case Study

What was the impact?

Over 2018-19 we reached 375 young people.

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