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We don’t stop at connecting people with homes; we help them to build the skills they need to make it a long-term solution. Everyone has their own story to write, and we can help to change the narrative for good if we support people to build skills and knowledge to live well independently.

    What do we do?

  • Provide advice and guidance to those who want to live independently needs
  • Equip people with the skills and training needed to live independently
  • Provide flexible support packages that meet the needs of our customers

Greg’s story

What was the challenge?

Greg was living in a hostel which was unable to help him because of his multiple support needs. Earlier in his life, Greg had been involved in several motorbike incidents, which had left him with poor physical health and head injuries that meant he was often confused and struggled with his short-term memory.

As a result of his needs, and with no accommodation, Greg turned to crime and alcohol, which had led to liver damage and stomach ulcers, and admittance to hospital as he was vomiting blood.

How did Concrete help?

Our staff realised that shared accommodation wouldn’t be suitable for Greg due to his physical and mental health needs. We supported him to move into a quiet area of the city in a private property, with a GP close by, which made Greg feel safer as he was close to help if needed.

Concrete worked with several partner organisations over several years to make sure that Greg received the help he needed to improve his wellbeing and prevent him from becoming homeless.

What was the impact?

Thanks to Concrete, and our links with partner organisations, Greg has received support to overcome his alcohol use. Greg is now visited four times a day to make sure he receives care and support that specialises on helping people with brain injuries.

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