Customer Rev shares his mental health journey with Concrete

Concrete customer Rev is sharing his mental health story and how our support has helped him finally feel ‘happy and settled’

When Concrete customer Rev* moved into our supported housing accommodation he had a long history of mental health issues, substance abuse and reaching crisis points where he had to move home and onto somewhere new. When we met Rev he felt that people didn’t understand his need to keep moving on, and couldn’t stand that others were trying to make decisions about, and for him. We empower our customers to make their own decisions and through this different approach Rev discovered the underlying reason for wanting to move (which we’re keeping confidential).

Since then, Rev has made every decision himself including support from Pointon House, our wellbeing accommodation and after a detox has remained clean for 40 months. At Pointon House, Rev attends meetings with our partners and receives lots of other different support which has led to a massive positive change in his anger management and mental health. Most importantly, Rev finally feels settled and happy!

Although the arrival of COVID19 was a huge struggle for Rev, the team quickly identified he was potentially at risk. We increased support and encouraged Rev to talk to the team as much as possible. We even applied for funding to buy a video phone so Rev and his key worker can chat while living and working in lockdown which has reduced his anxiety enormously.

Here at Concrete it isn’t just the bricks and mortar… why stay above the surface when the root causes of homelessness are so much deeper? We’re proud to be supporting mental health awareness week and even more proud of the incredible mental health support our team are providing to help make homelessness history.

*name changed